Copper Sulphate Crystal  

Copper Sulphate Crystal (CAS No. 7758-98-7)

Chemical Formula

A naturally occurring mineral that is an inorganic compound that can be found as a crystal or in powder form. Copper is an essential mineral that can be applied as a pesticide to eradicate pests, fungi, plants, and bacteria. The parasites' proteins bond to the copper, which disrupts their normal function and causes cell harm. To assist prevent dry rot, copper sulphate can also be applied as a wood preservative. Additionally, it can be used as an antiseptic to eliminate bacteria inside the home. Human oral ingestion should be avoided.

Supports fruit production, has high absorption properties, prevents disease, stimulates animal growth, and is a useful farm chemical.


• Fungicide, algaecide, root killer, and herbicide are some of the uses for copper sulphate in both agricultural and non-agricultural environments. Additionally, it is employed as a molluscicide and antibacterial. Individual goods made with copper sulphate have a wide range of uses. When using pesticides, read and abide by the label instructions at all times.
• Copper sulphate is utilised in a variety of industrial applications, including the drying of textiles, leather, wood, batteries, ink, paint, and metal, as well as an addition for fertilisers and meals. Additionally, it is used as an animal dietary supplement.