Sodium Percarbonate  
Sodium Percarbonate

CAS Number: 15630-89-4 

Molecular Formula : Na2CO3 .    1.5H2O2
Molecular Weight : 157.01
Appearance White tablet
Solubility 10% solution in water should be clear
Active oxygen Min. 12.0%
pH(3% aq.soln.) 10.0-11.0

Although being a bleaching agent, sodium percarbonate is not the same as chlorine bleach. Hydrogen peroxide is the substance that makes bleaching agents work. This dissolves in water and decomposes into oxygen and water very quickly. It will aid in cleaning and deodorising your garbage disposal or toilet. The chemical is the primary ingredient for cleaning and whitening. It penetrates the dentin, the deep pores of the teeth, and oxidises the molecules that give teeth their yellow, black, and stained appearance. After inserting the gum shield into the mouth and filling it with gel, the light is aimed at the shield. The skin, eyes, and respiratory tract all get irritated when exposed to the chemical. Any concentration should be avoided by ingestion.