About Us  

Bluesamundar Biosciences

The CEO of Bluesamundar Biosciences Mr. Chittranjan Kumar has vast experience of over 15 years in manufacturing and catering the demand of various industries for the products such as Vitamin, Amino Acids, Minerals, Chemicals, Glycinates, Proteinates, Chelate, Cosmetic, Essential Oils, Lactic Acid and Salts, Nutritional Paste and Powder, Predigested Protein Hydrolysed Powder, Yeast Powder, Peptone Powders, Seasoning & Natural Flavour Enhancer, Protein Powder & Liquid, Organic Acid and Salts, Gluconic Acid and Salts, Yeast Based Product, Phosphates. Mr. Chittranjan Kumar believes in providing quality Products and ensure it delivers to the clients in time.