Nickle Sulphate  
Nickle Sulphate

Nickle Sulphate

CAS #: 10101-97-0

    Appearance: Darkgreen Crystals
    Grade Standard: >Technical Grade
    Purity 97% plus
    Colors: Light Pink

We are well-known as one of India's leading manufacturers and suppliers of Nickel Sulphate. We provide Green Nickel Sulphate crystals that are created using natural raw ingredients and cutting-edge technology to assure purity. It is commonly used in labs for its applications in biochemistry and molecular biology. Our Nickel Sulphate (NiSO4 7H2O) crystals are stored in securely sealed containers to preserve their essential qualities. It is offered in a variety of quantity packs to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our customers appreciate the cheap pricing we give for Nickel Sulphate.

Application: Nickel sulphate is used in electroplating, dyeing, pigment manufacturing, batteries, and as a fertiliser.